Why Education Leaders Love BrightBytes

BrightBytes is the solution we have been seeking to bridge our Instructional Services and Digital Learning initiatives. BrightBytes is helping us make major strides forward in transforming teaching and learning in our classrooms.”
Data from the Technology & Learning module has helped us shift our technology survey from tracking devices, to really understanding where people’s mindsets are, understanding their capacity, and understanding what technology is being used for.”
We want our stakeholders to view data as a tool, not as a gotcha. With the data provided by BrightBytes, we can see where the district and campuses are currently, where we are showing improvement, and where we need to focus our attention. It is a reflection of what is right now, compared to where we were. Then it guides us with Insights and actual research.”
We don’t want to stand in the way of teachers doing a great job in the classroom, but we do want to be there to support and make sure that their data is secure.”
This kind of measurement has made our initiatives dramatically more effective, while simultaneously saving valuable time and money.”
This research has helped us initiate conversations about connected learning, improve the instruction within our classrooms, and enhance the opportunities that our students have.”
We are using the Technology & Learning module in New York to help schools plan for effective allocation and use of resources for financial, technical, and human. The module is especially helpful for our districts that are beginning to implement cloud based solutions, BYOD, and 1:1 initiatives. They will be able to track the impact on teaching and learning and make corrections to plans as appropriate.”